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Public Relations for the Israeli market | In Israel

November PR is a leading Public Relations agency that provides great media services to companies that wish to integrate their business in the Israeli media. As a boutique firm we assure excellent service and results to match your business goals.

As former journalists, our creativity, consistency and a wide range of connections to the Israeli media allow us to guarantee your business a major and consistence exposure.

Our specialty as a boutique agency is giving great PR exposure to top premium-brands!

•We believe that in order to give you the best PR consultancy we must know your DNA. For that we after knowing you and understanding your brand and your goals, we generate a PR Strategic plan, according to your worldwide PR and marketing strategy.

•We conduct a Monthly meeting: where we brainstorm together, give and hear your updates, think of new Ideas for articles, activities or promotions and monitor your accomplishments etc.

•We know that it is in our capacity to assure you Mass media exposure: Life style and morning shows, online and print consumption and culinary magazines, Daily newspapers, Local magazines, etc.

•Furthermore, we believe that a weekly update on PR plan progression is essential to monitor and build a strong partnership between us and your brand.

•Its our responsibility to provide content to relevant media sections.

•We will suggest creative ideas for your PR events - planning and production.

•As we are aware of the trends and the future of the PR sphere, we believe that keeping in touch with high profile bloggers, you-tubers and celebrities is part of the PR plan.

•We will generate Business cooperation (with charities, restaurants or other strategic partners) for further PR exposure.

Case study – CorningWare Israel

“Shekel” is the oldest and one of the largest kitchenware importer in the Israeli market. Shekel is known for having some of the finest premium brands in their variety. There are most known for being the exclusive importer of the American dining ware “Corelle”.

“Corelle” are Ultra-durable, ultra-light dinnerware made its pioneering debut in the kitchen in the early 1970s. For more than four decades, “Corelle” inspired cooks that have been using it to make a statement about how much they care about the people they serve — even for a casual Tuesday night dinner at home.

Compared to other kitchenware brands, the pricing and reputation is comparatively high. The sets are sold online and at high profile kitchen ware stores.

The challenge

Educate the Israeli market to buy and adapt to high profile dining ware, and give the added value of the brand through content and articles – instead of focusing on the price.

The solution

Spreading out to the mass media, Influencers and celebrities on instagram and prime time TV.

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